High Value Home Insurance

Protect your fine home with enhanced coverage and higher coverage limits

High value homes and treasured possessions deserve enhanced protection

And with our VIP Endorsement, your personal property can be safeguarded against weather damages, identity theft, home invasion and more.

How it works

You can add our VIP Endorsement to comprehensive homeowners, condo, tenant and seasonal policies for added protection. Some exclusions apply.


Option for cash settlement if you decide not to rebuild your home after a covered claim. Condo and tenant policies excluded.


Coverage of up to $50,000 for jewellery, bicycles, collections and more.

Personal liability

Additional coverage for libel and slander. Seasonal policies limited to premises liability only.

Identity theft

Higher coverage amounts for legal costs to restore your identity if you have been a victim of identity theft. Seasonal policies excluded.

Scam protection

Coverage of up to $5,000 for loss of property if you have been a victim of fraud or a scam.

Home invasion

Pays for security guard services, security and alarm improvements, counselling, and more after a covered claim. Seasonal policies excluded.

Go green

Coverage of up to $50,000 to replace with eco-friendly building materials or appliances after a covered claim.

Loss prevention

Helps pay for the cost of installing a loss prevention device after a covered claim, such as a security system or a water shut-off device, to prevent the same loss from happening again.

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