Do good

We are looking to integrate purpose into everything we do – and this includes generating value for our customers, broker partners and vendors.

ESG highlight

Sustainable Investment Policy

At Gore Mutual, we turn our profits toward a better tomorrow. Our Sustainable Investment Policy ensures that material ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are considered in investment decisions made on our behalf.

Holding ourselves to a higher standard

To guide our sustainable investing efforts, we aligned our Purpose Framework with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, we’re working to expand our resources to support successful implementation of the framework.

A key part of this process is ensuring that our external investment managers demonstrate ESG competencies and sustainable investment practices.

These managers must complete ESG questionnaires before we begin working with them; we also follow up through regular monitoring of their ESG governance, resourcing and commitment to continuous improvement.

Go straight to the source

Vendors are critical to our success and enable us to meet our business objectives. We are working with our vendors to integrate ESG goals throughout our supply chain in order to create positive change.

All of our RFPs, no matter what services we are looking to purchase, now include an ESG questionnaire that is reviewed during selection process. Doing so helps us evaluate our vendors not only from business and cost perspectives, but also to see how well they align with our purpose.

More resilient underwriting

Underwriting is at the core of our business. To better prepare ourselves and protect our customers for the unexpected, our commercial and personal underwriting processes account for risks associated with climate change and catastrophic events.

As a property and casualty insurer, we know that climate change and ever-increasing catastrophic weather events are creating greater hardship for our customers. Accordingly, we’ve taken early steps to mitigate the impacts on those most affected.

Check out our latest updates on climate initiatives below.

Case study

Responding to windstorms

Windstorms devastated communities in Ontario. As climate events like these become more common, it falls to insurers to support our customers and the places they call home. Watch our video to see how we’re responding.

Partnering with EcoClaim

Gore Mutual is the first insurer in Canada to require our restoration contractors to obtain EcoClaim® certification, which provides unique training in the industry by focusing on repairing, rather than replacing, materials.

Read the full news release

Mass evacuation

Weather-related natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more powerful. For mass evacuations arising as a direct result of a sudden or accidental event, we have increased the timeframe for living expenses incurred to 30 days from the date of the order of evacuation.

Green products

Personal lines customers with our VIP Endorsement can replace damaged items with environmentally friendly products. We’ll pay an additional amount – up to 2% of the homeowners single policy limit – when the customer uses qualifying green products to repair or replace lost or damaged dwellings, detached private structures, home appliances and home electronics.

Partnership spotlight: Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Nature Force

In 2022, Gore Mutual and other insurance industry leaders partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada to launch the Nature Force. Through this partnership, we identify, protect and enhance wetlands that can help mitigate damage in the most flood-prone areas of Canada. Our employees have also participated in workshops held by Nature Force about habitat conservation and its many benefits, including biodiversity, flood attenuation and managing invasive species.

Download our ESG report

Our inaugural Environmental, Social & Governance Report is now available for download. Check it out to see our baseline metrics, our community impact, and how we’re building toward a more sustainable, more equitable future.