Legal Helpline

Unlimited telephone access to lawyers

It’s now easier to talk to a lawyer

Your ARAG Legal Expense Insurance coverage comes with unlimited access to the Legal Helpline – a value-added service that connects you to knowledgeable lawyers for general legal assistance with any legal question you may have, whether it’s a personal matter or one related to your business.

How it works

Step 1. Have your policy number ready

By having this information ready, we will be able to quickly confirm you are a policyholder. Your policy number can be found on your policy certificate and wallet card.

Speak to a lawyer. If a lawyer is not available, an intake agent will schedule the most convenient times for a lawyer to call you back.

Step 3. Speak with a qualified lawyer

A knowledgeable lawyer will answer your questions and recommend next steps for your situation.

Get answers to your questions, such as:

“I am expanding my office space and do not understand the lease. Can you help me?”

“What should I put in a work contract for my auto repair business to make sure I get paid properly for my services?”

“I would like to create a will. How do I do this, and what are the legal requirements of a will?”

“My business is being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. What steps should I take to ensure it goes smoothly?”

“The neighbouring company built a fence on my business property and refuses to move it. What should I do?”

“My travel agent made an error on my visa application and I was not able to go on a trip because the correct visa did not arrive in time. What should I do?”

“The building beside my office is renovating, and it is negatively impacting our customer visits. What can I do?”

“The florist ordered the wrong flowers for a client appreciation event and did not advise me until the day of. What are my options?”

“I hired a contractor to renovate our office kitchen, but the work is substandard. What are my next steps?”

“I bought a new phone, but it was chipped when I received it in the mail. The phone company won’t replace it because I had paid for it to be shipped to me.”

“The landscaper I hired went over budget and the work was not what we agreed on. How can I rectify this?”

“A recently fired employee is now threatening to take my business to the Human Rights Tribunal for wrongful dismissal. What are my legal options?”

Available every day from 8 AM ET to 12 AM ET (midnight) and 24/7 in an emergency

Or visit the ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. website.

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. (ARAG) Legal Expense Insurance policies are underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE. For full details of coverage, including conditions, exclusions, limits of indemnity and deductibles that may apply, please read the policy wordings. Not all products are available in all provinces.

The content on this page is for information purposes only. The above scenarios are examples only. The insurance products described herein are subject to terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions. Please contact your insurance broker for complete details or if you would like to learn more.