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Let’s put an end to auto theft.

Vehicle theft is more than just a statistic – it’s a real threat to your health, safety and livelihood. For small business owners, a stolen vehicle can cause financial loss, disrupt your operations, reduce productivity and lead to increased insurance premiums.

For individuals and families, it can threaten personal safety, disrupt daily life and cause significant emotional distress. Additionally, dealing with the often intricate and time-consuming theft claims process can further impact your peace of mind.

Concerned about vehicle theft? You’re not alone.

With vehicle theft surging across Canada, particularly in Ontario where it has increased by 48.2% since 2021, 84% of Canadians are concerned about auto theft, and 69% have expressed worries about personal safety and family wellbeing.

The threat to personal and commercial vehicles is growing as criminals develop new ways to exploit vehicle technology. But you can make a difference. While many theft-prevention measures exist, Tag stands out as the most effective solution.

Tag: The proactive solution

Tag is a safe, cost-effective option that is widely regarded as the gold standard for vehicle theft prevention and recovery. Here’s why Tag is the best choice for protecting your vehicles and your business.

Thieves avoid vehicles protected by Tag

Data shows that thieves bypass cars with Tag windshield etchings, opting for easier targets. This reduces the risk of theft and the hassle of dealing with claims.

Easy installation

Installation takes less than 30 minutes and involves placing wireless devices throughout the vehicle without causing any damage. The Tag logo is etched on windows to act as a strong deterrent. Plus, Tag technology is transferable upon vehicle resale.

Privacy and safety

Tag activates only when you report a theft, serving as a beacon for law enforcement. It does not monitor or listen to drivers, ensuring your privacy.

No impact on warranties or performance

Installing Tag does not void warranties, invalidate lease agreements, or affect your vehicle’s electrical system or performance.

Cost-effective protection

Subsidized installation

Gore Mutual offers a subsidy for Tag tracking systems, reducing your cost to approximately $300. This includes the system installation and a five-year tracking protection package.

Save on premiums

Without Tag, high-risk vehicles are subject to a $500 annual surcharge. Installing Tag waives this surcharge, saving you up to $2,200 per vehicle over five years.

Unmatched recovery rate

Proven effectiveness

Tag is North America’s most effective stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system, with more than $100M in vehicles recovered. Should a theft occur, many stolen vehicles are found within an hour once Tag receives an alert.

Comprehensive recovery process

If your vehicle is stolen, Tag ensures swift recovery. Gore Mutual inspects and restores the vehicle to its pre-theft condition, addressing any damages and removing hazardous or illegal materials.

Interested in Tag?

Ensure the safety of your vehicles, your loved ones and your business with Tag. Act now and benefit from this robust theft prevention solution.

Interested in a sneak peek? Watch as our Director of Broker Distribution has Tag installed on his vehicle.

Talk to your insurance broker about adding Tag to your vehicles.

Additional theft-prevention tips

While Tag is the most effective individual measure, incorporating a layered approach can further enhance security.

The simple steps

Lock doors, close windows and park in well-lit areas.

Visible or audible anti-theft devices

Use alarms, steering locks and theft-deterrent decals.

Vehicle immobilizers

Install ignition disablers to prevent unauthorized starts.

Tracking systems

Use multiple tracking devices to increase recovery chances.