Many of us were first introduced to Rick Campanelli in 1994 when he beat out 8,000 other applicants as part of MuchMusic’s temp contest. From those early days as “Rick the Temp” to becoming one of the station’s best-loved personalities to spending twelve years as co-host of ET Canada (with stints on radio and other TV programs along the way), Campanelli has been charming audiences with his positive energy, wit and friendly personality for almost 25 years.

He attributes much of his success to his penchant for being the first person to put his hand up to volunteer to do things – even when they were sometimes frightening. From leaping off a cliff with a popular hip-hop artist to getting in the ring with a pro wrestler, his willingness to do different things have led to many new and interesting opportunities throughout his career.

Campanelli recently joined us in Niagara Falls for the annual Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) Convention. While he was there, we chatted with him for Go Magazine about stepping outside of your comfort zone, keeping up in a rapidly changing industry and the importance of building strong relationships. Watch the video below to hear some of the inspiring insights he had to share.

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