Picture of Igor Bubic Sitting

Last fall, we took our 2019 Fast Forward Idea Accelerator across the country for sold-out events at Vancouver’s Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre and the CBC Atrium in Toronto.

The forums featured candid panel discussions hosted by Gore Mutual with industry leaders and innovators about customer experience, insurance brands and the dominance of data and tech.

With Fast Forward, we’ve always strived to deliver the unexpected. Our 2019 Idea Accelerators were no different and included short talks from Gore Mutual Director of Marketing and Communications, Igor Bubic, called “Cage the Unicorn.”

Sharing personal and entertaining anecdotes from throughout his life and professional career, Bubic spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with “unicorns” – people that will challenge your biases, push you to think differently and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Too good to only share with Fast Forward audiences, we’ve decided to include his inspiring talk from the CBC Atrium in Go Magazine so that everyone can learn from it. Watch it below.

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